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A business is like a machine that has multiple parts. Our goal is to fine tune your business and improve the efficiency of your staff.

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Customer Loyalty designed to drive sales longevity

Satisfied customers are at risk of leaving for the competitors. Our Customer Loyalty Circle program transforms your customers into  RAVING FANS.

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Cash Flow Management necessary for your survival

Without cash, your operations are meaningless. We breakdown the balance sheet, income statement” and cash flow statements to solidify profit.

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Plan Your Exit

Whether you plan to sell your business, transfer ownership or seek retirement, planning your exit is a big undertaking. We will help structure your business for a smooth equitable transfer.

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Michael provided relevant business experience while providing real insight to actual business challenges and course case studies. The course forced me to think about my business in a way that prepared me for growth. The course work gave me an opportunity to evaluate the growth constraints and prepared me to address them. It highlighted the fact that I needed to spend more time working on the business and that I have human resource issues that are the biggest impediments to growth. Lastly, I liked how using the financial ratios as a management lens helped me to understand how healthy my business is compared to industry, creditor/investor and personal benchmarks.

Brett Jones

Director, Strategic Project Development

Evergreen Cooperatives