The Solution

If you have made it to this page, it is clear that you are serious about bringing the best accelerated success for your organization at this time. We have created 3 business boosting programs to give you the BOOM EFFECT.




   Personal CEO Coaching

We train you, coach you, & develop your leadership skills and ability to cope with the moving demands of your busy business or organization.

You no longer need to be stuck in stand-still. Now is your time to grab a hold of your mission, purpose, & your strength. Make the decision today & never look back.

The missing link you need can be found in The BOOM Effect. It’s time to perform at a higher level.


     CEO Group Training

A team is only as strong as its’ weakest member. Group training aims to uplift your team members so that your core team is on the same page.

This is often the most overlooked, yet crucial component to company’s success. We aim to uplift the CEO and Senior Executive level team members.

We are experienced and well prepared to train in marketing, sales, leadership, effective financial management, customer loyalty & operational excellence.


  Decision support hotline

This feature is for those having trouble managing time and maximizing their efforts. We are available seven days a week at your own convenience.

This will be a crucial tool for you & your team. This tool enables clarity, productivity, prioritization as well as assistance making the decisions that will put you & your business in the best position for the future.

Our MBA consultants are ready to talk to you!